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The Department’s Research and Development Executive Committee (RDEC) approved ten (10) topics for funding at its winter meeting held February 14, 2019. The list is in prioritized order as determined by the Committee. The projects will be initiated over the next two years. These projects were among those identified as being a high priority for the Department in the Research Topic Solicitation Meeting held June 1, 2016. This meeting was attended by representatives from the SCDOT, FHWA, USGS, in-state universities, trade organizations, and industry.

 118-PC-01SC Flood Inundation MappingRandall Mungo
 218-CM-01Risk-Based Inspection ProgramKit Scott
 318-PC-05Evaluating the Construction Cost and Schedule Impacts of SCDOT’s Traffic Control RestrictionsMark Anthony
 418-IP-01Utilization of Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSO) for Pavement ManagementJay Thompson
 518-PC-03South Carolina StreamStats Phase II: Additional Tools and Layers for Enhanced Workflow and EfficiencyThomas Knight
 618-CM-02Optimization of Cement Modified Recycled Base (CMRB) Mixture DesignJay Thompson
 718-CM-05Impact of Utility Delays on Project DeliveryCedric Keitt
 818-PC-02Create a Standardized Scope of Services TemplateJennifer Necker
 918-MB-03Investigation and Assessment of Effective Patching Materials for Concrete Bridge DecksDavid Rogers
 1018-MB-04Safe and Cost-Effective Reduction of Load Postings for South Carolina BridgesMark Hunter