Research Topics Approved!

The Department’s Research and Development Executive Committee (RDEC) approved ten (10) topics for funding at its winter meeting held February 14, 2019. The list is in prioritized order as determined by the Committee. The projects will be initiated over the next two years.

These projects were among those identified as being a high priority for the Department in the Research Topic Solicitation Meeting held June 1, 2016. This meeting was attended by representatives from the SCDOT, FHWA, USGS, in-state Universities, trade organizations, and industry.

The Research Unit handles the day to day operations of the research program. The section assists with fulfillment of the Department’s mission of “providing South Carolina the best possible intermodal transportation system and services for the safe, efficient movement of people and goods, and stewardship of the state’s environment and natural beauty,” by conducting applicable research, disseminating information, and promoting national research programs.

The section’s tasks include managing contracted research projects contained in the SPR program, managing the Department’s New products program, and coordinating research activities involved with national research programs such as USDOT, FHWA, AASHTO, TRB, and NCHRP.